The Center for Proactive Medicine was founded on the purpose of serving patients in the same manner as we would want our own family to be treated.  Our employees and nurse practitioner listen and genuinely care about our patients.  At the first visit, your experience will be far more than you would ever expect; much more than a “typical” doctor’s visit.  A customized plan for your health restoration and maintenance will start to form and you will begin to understand the true causes of your conditions. You deserve the very best care available!

We take the time to learn everything we can about you: your daily environment and routines, what you eat and drink, family history, genetic, as well as special situations and occurrences in your life, all of which can influence your well-being and overall health.  At the Center for Proactive Medicine, we don’t just treat your symptoms.  We work diligently with you to discover those things that underlie your health concerns and, together, we create a tailored, individualized plan for restoring and maintaining your optimal health.

We work to identify the problems before they begin.  This is why we are called The Center for Proactive Medicine and this is what sets us apart from everyone else.